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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Knowledge Capital® Your New Road to Success

Business trends are always cyclical. In the old days, deals were sealed with one's word and a handshake. Oh, how things have changed. Today, sometimes even having things in writing is not enough to ensure a satisfying and productive business relationship. With all of the legalese, disclaimers and small print, it is often hard to determine whether one is truly getting a fair deal or if the provider has the client's best interests at heart. If protecting and growing your company’s investment is important to you, then please read on.

A Frame of Mine, LLC (Afromine), a Delaware graphic design and web site design firm, has pioneered and partnered with Creative Computing, Inc. in offering Knowledge Capital® to small businesses and entrepreneurs. This innovative approach to deal structuring provides emerging and established small businesses and entrepreneurs with a unique strategy for obtaining the professional web site design and graphic design services that are essential to successfully competing in the online global marketing arena.

Afromine’s and Creative Computing, Inc.’s Knowledge Capital® is designed to address your interests, while saving you time and money.

Knowledge Capital® is a winning strategy for both, client and provider.

Contact us for more information and to see if you qualify.


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