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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"In the Spirit Awards"

Not everyone will agree, but I think Wilmington needs to pay MORE attention to the positive energy and events that are happening in this city. I got a charge from being around the awesome crowd at the "In the Spirit Awards" held at Mother African Union Church's Serenity Gathering Place Cafe on October 20, 2007. There were so many beautiful people who came out to fellowship and enjoy one another. If you weren't there you missed an important event in our community. I can't blame those who didn't know, but those who did... What happened? Thank God for the children, those who were recognized and received awards, as well as those who were not among the honorees. I am grateful to Mother African Union Church for showing my family, friends and me so much love and I thank everyone for their support. I am humbled to be among those who were honored that night. I shall never forget it.

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