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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Brett Oates on Radio

Had a great time Saturday listening to my friend Brett Oates on his sports talk show. It is streamed over the internet out of Alabama every Saturday from 12 - 2 PM at A native of Wilmington, Delaware, Brett is a natural at his craft. Even back when we were in the same elementary school class (5th grade at Sarah Webb Pyle Elementary), he would hold court along with Theodore "JR" Robinson and our teacher, Mr. Thompson to debate the games that took place over the weekend. Sometimes you can just tell when a person has found his calling. I think Brett is well in touch with his, hence, his success in public relations and broadcasting. Keep up the great job, Brett and everybody who reads this should check him out. You'll have a fun time, a yabba dabba do! time... I'll bet ya.


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