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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wal-Mart Must Pay Workers $78.5 million

This is creepy! I think it portrays a system of abuse through indifference and neglect. The following is a quote from Wal-Mart's attorney, Neal S. Manne during closing arguments: "I think a lot of employees who had short or missed breaks did it by personal choice." This is a pathetic statement and because they are guilty, Wal-Mart deserved to lose the case. If you are going to reap the benefits from your employees' hard work and sacrifice, then you have a social obligation to teat them ethically, which is something that Wal-Mart failed to do. Foregoing lunch breaks can be harmful to the emotional and physical well being of workers - even if it is done, voluntarily as Mr. Manne says. This "gentleman," Mr. Manne, probably wouldn't help an old woman across the street. He might give her directions (for a fee) and then warn her to watch out for traffic and if she gets hit, he would probably say, "It wasn't my fault. She chose to cross." Wal-Mart is responsible for the corporate culture that it has built. If they don't have a policy in place to ensure fair treatment of their workers, then write one or continue to pay the piper.