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Thursday, July 06, 2006

What Gives? Not Them!

The energy industry is not the only one engaging in price gouging. Entities such as 7-Eleven have been doing it for years, marking up everything and then justifying their prices by asserting that they are affording the luxury of convenience. My belief is that if the owners and workers actually had ties to the community that extended beyond their coveted cash registers, then they would care more about the people who support their businesses and give them a fair deal. After taking so much from people who are barely able to make ends meet, maybe 7-Eleven's getting robbed so often can be attributed to bad karma. Show me a median to low income area and I guaranty that you will find the following parasites:

  • Liquor Stores (called Spirit Stores in more affluent neighborhoods)
  • Check Cashing Joints
  • "Convenience" Stores (with nobody from the neighborhood working there)
  • Rent-A-Centers (where you will pay double the price for a 19" television set)
  • Chinese Restaurants (with nobody from the neighborhood working there)
  • Gas Stations (with prices well above average)
  • Casinos (coming soon to the east side and probably the south side too)
    Personally, I think Delaware Park is located far enough away from the depressed areas - plus, it's only five minutes from me. Even though I go there sometimes, I still think it is crap.


At 8:16 AM , Blogger daftkitty said...

Wait.... sounds like MY neighborhood!!!



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