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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Clarence "Sonny Bono" Taylor

I almost feel as if this story is sort of like a post-dated check. It could have been written prior to the fight, but it wouldn’t have cleared until today. Now, you can take it to the bank.

Sonny Bono came by this morning following his spectacular knockout victory over Luis Santiago at 1:18 seconds of the first round at the Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania last night. He was acting subdued and lured me into thinking that he didn’t win the fight by telling me that it went the distance and that he didn’t get the decision. I said, “How can that be? You don’t even look like you have been in a fight!” So, the first thing I did was to go online to see what the “buzz” was reporting and there it was, the real deal, as scooped by Rick Scharmberg.

April Fool! Bono (10-8-2, 5 KOs) blew through Santiago (18-8, 11 KOs). The fight went the distance, alright. It just happened to be a very short trip. Instead of experiencing the bitter taste of being on the wrong end of another questionable decision, Sonny Bono erased any doubts about his performance on this occasion. He destroyed Santiago with a crushing combination of powerful head and body shots.

This was a pivotal match for both boxers. Rumor has it that Luis Santiago had plans for a possible televised bout on ESPN and that they may have been derailed following his loss in Lancaster. As for Clarence “Sonny Bono” Taylor, his stock continues to rise. His focus is on maintaining the momentum, which has him banging his way into the hearts of boxing fans and into the minds of matchmakers.