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Monday, March 27, 2006

Just Wrong

Okay, in the grand scheme of our world's current state of affairs, this pales in comparison, but nonetheless, it still gets my goat! I have been trying to work this 40 plus year old body back into shape by playing a little basketball. Sure, I could join a gym, but the basketball courts inside the gyms around here are usually either tied-up by special interest classes or overrun by NBA wannabes who just might cripple me. I prefer going to the neighborhood park, which I have frequented since I was around 13 or 14 years old. Here is my problem:When it comes to outdoor recreational facilities, living in the city of Wilmington can be frustrating. We don't see regular maintenance performed on our basketball courts. I recently got tired of shooting hoops with no nets (I like to hear that sweet "swish" sound!), so I purchased a set and hung them myself for all to enjoy. The first pair disappeared after about a week. I guess someone has a little setup in their driveway and is too @#%! cheap to buy their own. Well, being stubborn, I hung another pair, which disappeared the next day! Something is wrong with this picture. Back in the day, inner-city basketball courts were treated like hallowed ground. If nets disappeared, it was because the resident sharpshooters were torching them via their jump shots... These days I am thinking that the only torching going on by whomever is stealing our nets is in the form of their chopping the nets up and smoking them to get a buzz. The fools probably think that they are made of hemp. How sad.


At 11:50 AM , Blogger daftkitty said...

That really sucks... but unfortunately I'm not really surprised!


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