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Friday, August 26, 2005

Off-the-Cuff Stuff

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Enough!" I know that I have. I remember when T.V. actually went off-air at the end of the day. We used to study the television guide as if it were a map to buried treasure. After all, who wanted to make fifty trips across the room to turn the dial, if you discovered that the programming you selected was junk! Quite frankly, with all of the B/S being slung around these days, thank God for remote controls. Otherwise, I would have developed carpal tunnel syndrome from turning the dial so much. ENOUGH! with the idiot casseroles being passed around as palatable. I feel like screaming at my set sometimes at the foolish commercials..."No, I don't want to buy your car, ya huckster!" "No, I don't want an online degree for $8,000 that will get me a job as a professional full-time applicant!" "Yes! I have bad credit, but I can keep it from getting worse by showing you the door, ya creep!" Anyway, these are just a couple of my off-the-cuff remarks. By the way, stop trying to lull me to sleep with music every time you put your hand in my wallet Mr. Producer! Next... What the heck is "mail enhancement?" A prettier package? Oh, they said, "male enhancement..."


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